***NOTICE: If you are 30 years of age or younger, you qualify for substantial discounts on all of my services. It is very important to me that this work be available for young people who are not as financially empowered.

Most of my relationships with my clients include a combination of the different modalities I practice. I have them separated out here below, however to have a more open ended relationship we can have our first session at a flat rate of $120 and proceed from there as determined based on your individual goals and intentions. 

Sensual Tantric Energy Medicine Bodywork

Tantric Bodywork is a process of falling in love with oneself and one's body. It is a beautiful experience that can result in reduced anxiety, increased energy, and the release of trauma from the emotional and energy bodies. Allows for the free flow of energy through the meridians. Can include Sacred Spot Yoni Massage.

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Holistic Lifestyle & Mindfulness Consulting

Surrender to a process of deeply powerful unfolding. Daka Dan holds space for you with a loving, gentle, empathetic energy that facilitates the discovery of that which holds you back and the ways in which your goals and intentions can be achieved.

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Building your Meditation Practice

Whether your goals are achieving feelings of inner peace, power, or fuller and deeper orgasms, Daka Dan can show you the techniques necessary to let your consciousness blossom like the flower that it is. Perhaps you are intimidated by meditation? It need not be so scary when you make it your own, and Daka Dan can help you do just that.

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Shamanic Energy Medicine

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What our customers are saying

... he started out by connection me with me, asked my how I was feeling, if I had any concerns or fears. He made eye contact and breathed with me every step of the way. After this, he set the space with strong intention for healing, using shamanic wisdom, I felt supported by spirit and Mother Earth. As we moved into the healing, I could feel that his intention was pure, and that he trusted his intuition to move energy where it was stuck in my body.

A, Woman, 29